Hello all! Looking forward to another great season of exploring the underwater world!

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Ben and I went wreck diving in the Philippines over the long weekend in May. Vis was good and the weather was perfect. Most of the wrecks were WW2 but one of the most interesting was the San Quentin,scuttled by the Spanish in 1898 as an attempt to block American access to the bay. The ploy was a failure but 115 years later it is a very interesting dive site with quite a lot of marine life. We also visited the wreck of a Phantom aircraft, deliberately sunk at 43 metres.
Some photos and video below. The video shows a juvenile harlequin sweetlips dancing.
Steering post, San Quentin wreck.
Superstructure on the El Capitan wreck.
Phantom fighter at 43 metres.
The good news keeps on coming from the as New York joins Maryland and other US states to implement bans on the sale and distribution of shark fins. More pressure we can apply in Hong Kong!
For more details, check out this site:


Have had a few days off over the Easter break. Lu and Renata returned to Australia and I headed off to Coron in Palawan to dive the WW2 shipwrecks. Spent six days of diving and returned to HK exhausted. Consistently deep diving is very wearing on an old body. Dropped in a video and photo below but the whole album can be seen here:  


Interesting article about sea turtles:


Also interesting was the big story in yesterday's South Chins Morning Post about Hong Kong restaurants that have taken Shark's Fin soup of their menus. Slow progress but still progress!
This story is from an American website. We are famous there for the wrong reasons. Check out the stories and photos here:


The photos on this site were shot on the roof of buildings just below Hong Kong Academy campus. They give some indication of the volume of trade and how Hong Kong is an integral part of it.

An international petition has just been handed to the HK government urging them to enforce a total ban on serving shark's fin at all official functions.
To keep up with the latest events and efforts in Hong Kong to restrict this trade, go to the Hong Kong Shark Foundation website:


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    Sonya Yong is now the organizer of the HKA Scuba Diving Club. She got into diving through the HKA dive club a few years ago and has worked her way up to being a certified Rescue Diver. Although she started her Dive Master course, she has put that on hold since becoming a mother. :) 


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